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luxe, calme et volupté ♚

♕ doe-eyed package of girly evil
26 August
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She can't pass a mirror without seducing it
"chameleon-hair", "crazy-bitch-around-here", "shark-throwing-like-hancock", "shut-up-i-wear-heels-bigger-than-your-dick", "spirit-of-a-renaissance-woman", a little parisienne, adrian ivashkov, adrian/christian, amber heard, anaïs nin, ancien regime, anne boleyn, apollo/artemis, arcade fire, astrology, audrey hepburn, autumns, ava gardner, avery lazar, baring fangs, being blair waldorf, bitching, bittersweet romantic, bohemian, boots, caramel cappucino, carmilla, cynicism, dan/blair, diamonds, dreaming, emily didonato, epic hair whipping, europe, eva green, excessive swearing, extravagant ball gowns, fashion, faye chamberlain, felicity fucking worthington, felicity/gemma, feminism, femme fatales, fierce bitches, florence + the machine, frida gustavsson, frills & thrills, fuck no cultural appropriation, full moons, gentlemen with cigarettes, giving-huggies-&-kisses, gregory peck, gregory/ava otp, hair-flipping, hating that ginger bitch, headband porn hbic, henry cavill, history, hurricane!alice/typhon!leah, james dean, jessica stam, joan holloway, katherine fierce, katie fucking fitch, lana del rey, last-name calling, laughter, lazar/ivashkov, leah/swearing/bitching=ot3, lealice ♥, lealice: ultimate golden ship, leighton meester, lily donaldson, lipgloss, literature, london, long hair, lovable psychotic bitches, luna lovegood, mad men, masquerade balls, meredith sulez, midnight, mythology, norse mythology, notre dame, old hollywood, perfume, persia, rebels & renegades, renaissance era, rowena ravenclaw, salvatore brothers, sarcasm, serpents, silk & satin, snow patrol, the brothers winchester, the gemma doyle trilogy, the roaring 20's, trench coats, vampire diaries, venice, victorian london, vintage, viva la revolution!, waving stilettos in anger, wednesday addamsing, white lies, wicca, wit beyond measure, wolves, zero bullshit tolerance, zhenya katava, ♕ queen of bohemia